Saturday, April 18, 2009

all the girls screaming out louder

h&m shoes, forever21 jeans, hand - me - down sweatshirt, thrifted purse, street circuit watch

I went shopping in jp (Jamaica Plain - it's a town in Boston) today with my mum. I kept my outfit simple and casual because my mum doesn't really have patience for anything else, haha. I got some new clothes for spring and a really awesome belt - it'll show up in an outfit sometime this week!
There's this little shop in jp with the most wonderful accessories. They have so many beautiful hats, which I love because hats tend to look really good on me. But there's this guy that works there that always hits on me so much because he doesn't realize that I'm (almost!) 16 and not like...20, haha. So I couldn't go in today with my mum because it would have been a little awkward!
Today is the first day of april vacation, which is a week long. I really needed it because I have had more work than sleep lately....
And next Sunday Shiny Toy Guns is coming to Cambridge, and I'm going to see their show. I'm so excited. If you haven't heard of them, go listen to them, because they're awesome.

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